Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday

Took a trip to China town and got some great Dim Sum at Red Egg. The first thing I noticed was the ceiling fixtures. Very simple slatted beams with long lightbulbs interspersed through the slats. Nice idea. In the alcove area, on my way to the restroom, a stunning spectacle. This time the ceiling was studded with round mirrors like giant thumbtacks, half reflective coated light bulbs hung (see?). Soo cool - even at 12 on Sunday.

There are no carts here. You place an order marking up your on order card, hand it to the waitstaff and your dim sum arrives sans the cart search. The food was delish! Excellent roast pork buns.....yummmm. And the decor was really great too. So I did alittle research and discovered that Red Egg has gotten quite a bit of press. It was designed by Openshop Studio, cool website too.

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