Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kitchen Wishes

I've been busy putting together my son's teacher's wish list for his second grade classroom. And that got my thinking, hmmmm, the holidays aren't too far away. How about a wish list for my home? So I will leave it at this for now: my list of 3. A few things to change the look of my home. First lets hit the kitchen. It doesn't take too much to give it a little face lift.

My kitchen has some open shelves so how about some gorgeous glassware from my favorite, Iittala. These are designed by Aleksi Perala for iittala, the ote/grip is this century’s design glass for multi-functional everyday use. Offered in the minimum amount of sizes, and in shapes that fit perfectly in the hand, the ote can serve every glass function. This is such a beautiful picture of all the colors, but for me, I'd go with the clear. That way I can judge the color of my cranberry lime and vodka ;-).

How about these Jonathon Adler tea towels. Darjeeling, English Breakfast, and Earl Grey $12 each. They come in 3 color combos, I think the names are very fun. Definitely mix and match a few.

Then a kettle for the stove. Our kettle top actually broke almost a year ago and I haven't replaced it. So why not give it a little upgrade with the Bodum Osirus 2-liter water kettle $69.95. Nicey nice!

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