Thursday, July 23, 2009

Start with a Vidalia Onion

I've been following Jonathan Adler since he first began his "Vidalia" vases that resembled shapes like my own ceramic work. Mine were somewhere between a snowman and a Mrs. Butterworth's vase. Anyway here are a few images taken from his website that I find inspiring.

Such a whimiscal one-of-a-kind tile design. Makes me smile.

I love looking at the crystal ship chandelier is such a great surprise. I also like the eclectic moroccan side table. Things I would not have thought to put together.

Don't you just want to roll all over this bed? And I love that orange lightin the corner. Put an email out to Jonathan's Design Group to find out where to get one of them. Can't seem to find that color on his website but the undulating shape is very appealing to me.

It's all about the knight on the side and the cascading ceiling fixture.

Now I'm ready to have a tete a tete with a dear friend and a glass of my favorite wine (it's the chocolate overtones that make it delish). Or so I wish...this is at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs...

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