Friday, June 5, 2009

Not your Mama's wallpaper

Another great find at BKLYNDesigns was Flavor Paper formerly of New Orleans, but soon moving to Brooklyn! (in the beloved neighborhood of Cobble Hill.) The hand screened printing process will be on street level and serve as a public art display. They'll have a showroom upstairs. Think I'll have to check it all out. The designs and colors are very beautiful and yet they incorporate a great sense of humor. Look carefully and you'll see what I mean. This one's called Flower Pedal-ha.

Here's a detail in another color combination, called smores. Love it.

Design: Fruits of Design, Color: Sweet Potato

Design: Elysian Fields, Color: Antique Pink

This one's genius. Perfect for a Manhattan apartment!
Design: City Park, Color: Licorice

Design: Valencia, Color: Conch

Design: Power Plant, Color: Southweezy / Electric Company

Figure out which are your favorites.


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