Sunday, August 16, 2009

Be square

Who would've thought--how about a bamboo sink. This moso bamboo sink 19 x 14" looks so very serene, in balance and best of all 100% organic. This design happens to be on sale for $289.95 from $599.95 at Modern Danish. Has me wondering whether to do this in our bathroom while it's still on sale!

And, in case you're not the square type they're also created in a beautiful handsome round bowl style. According to Totally Bamboo and Modern Danish, the sinks are guaranteed for 10 years. Not to shabby for a wood sink. After that time, you'd have to have it refinished with polyurethane waterproof seal again. It's 17" in diameter and 6" deep. This beauty is $499.99 at Totally Bamboo.